A Healthy Mish-Mash of Tumblr Gems


A Healthy Mish-Mash of Tumblr Gems - The internet has generated a huge amount of laughs from cats and FAILS. And we all out of cats.


  1. Posted by jellybeanzrul, — Reply

    That was really, really wholesome. We stan supportive dad jokes.

  2. Posted by EveryoneDeservesAPetName, — Reply

    dad jokes are powerful as hell. like, they're so terrible, but also so perfect.

  3. Posted by MidNightMaresOffcial, — Reply

    I'm pan and everytime I say something dumb (which is a lot) my sister and dad tell me to go back in the cabinet

  4. Posted by JaydenMcDonald1, — Reply

    Lmao imagine having a supportive dad

  5. Posted by emasavli, — Reply

    I love it when my dad just casually shows he's suppirtive ❤

  6. Posted by thedarkrecital, — Reply

    the other day, my dad pointed at a brand of alcohol called Mt Gay and said “that’s for you”

  7. Posted by FoodleDoo27, — Reply

    It opens up sooo many dad jokes. You aren’t limited to daughter or son jokes you can do both!!!!

  8. Posted by Idiot_Artist, — Reply

    Bi Joke: "Thor says it's the Bi-frost, not the Straight-Frost." Ace Joke: *Rolls up friend's sleeve* "You've got an ace up your sleeve." Gay Joke: "I MAKE GAY JOKES BECAUSE I AM A GAY JOKE."

  9. Posted by mohamudhayat, — Reply

    @kittymom95 they shouldn’t be rude about it.

  10. Posted by Dragonroar666, — Reply

    one time I was in a closet and my siblings both know I'm a lesbian, so I'm in this closet now, and we have a friend over, and then my friend and my siblings yell GET OUT THE CLISET YOU USELESS LESBIAN. thank God my parents were outside... I was in the closet for another half hour because of them.

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